Lancel’s New BB Raffia Bag
       When the temperature has risen up to more than 30 centigrade, Lancel has introduced its goodchinahandbags com for us, which is made from entirely recyclable materials, such as soft organic Raffia fiber, BB cotton canvas which constitute the classic lining. 

       First, let us admire this  goodchinahandbags carefully; we will feel the brightness of a cool summer from the soft tincture. And the mocha and red colors make you match your every summer outfits easily, especially when you stay for a long time under the sun. The bag is so reasonable in size, so you can put many trivial things in them easily.  This beautiful handbag is designed by the famous two artists Lancel and Brigitte Bardot, who has inherited from the classical fashion style of French spirit called joie de vivre and launch this most aspired bag to meet our needs. These series handbags are inspired by the wonderful days when the friends or lovers are walking at the beach. Generally speaking, these bags will bring a casual flavor of our leisure life; Of course, you can also wear them on some formal occasions such as weddings, ceremonies and so on. If you want to take part in a party or just wander around the street to shop, they are also the best accessories.  

       Still, many people will ask such a question that how much they are. I am sure that many of you will not feel surprised if I tell you the answer. The    goodchinahandbags com of Brigitte Bardot Paille will cost you lowest of HK$10,950, and the second Embroidered Bucket Bag is HK$15,350 and the third one is HK$11,450. 

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